FxSwing Wizard

"Trading with Surgical Precision"


  • It is a versatile MT4 indicator developed by a team of Certified Technical Analysts headed by Prof. Andreas Thalassinos to assist traders in analyzing any financial instrument on any timeframe.
  • The genesis of FxSwingWizard was the result of international demand of our students and traders all over the world.
  • It is based on pure price action as price is the BEST indicator.
  • Identifies Top and Bottoms
  • Draws the underlying trend
  • Spots Buy/Sell Entries
  • Pinpoints protective Stop Loss
  • Provides 4 Take Profit Levels
  • Encourages discipline
  • A lot of students and traders complain that they find it very difficult to identify correctly Tops and Bottoms on the price chart
  • FxSwingWizard does exactly that for you!
  • Do you find it difficult to draw the underlying trend by studying the price action on your chart?
  • FxSwingWizard does exactly that for you!
  • Do you often avoid placing a Stop Loss?
  • Do you know where to place a protective Stop Loss?
  • FxSwingWizard does exactly that for you!
  • Most traders complain that even though they get in the market the right time, they end up losing money.
  • Do you know where to Take Profit?
  • FxSwingWizard does exactly that for you!
  • Do you find it difficult, like many traders, to have the discipline to follow your trading system?
  • FxSwingWizard does exactly that for you!

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