• From the first session of the seminar I was confident that the seminar on Technical Analysis with Mr. Andreas would be a pleasure. His expertise and sense of humor is a great combination to keep his students focused and interested.

    Katalina Charalambous
    Institutional Sales Manager

  • First, I would like to thank you for the training. Amazing experience, detailed course and high achievements. It's still early days, but so far I am confident in the knowledge I achieved. Enjoyed every bit of it!

    Thank you, Andreas
    Evelina Laurinaityte
    Affiliate Manager

  • Highly recommended for traders who would like to trade with more confidence. The course covered wide range of knowledge from the basics of market across indicators to variety of theories. Andreas was the perfect "guide" for this course as our teacher.

    Kornel Svertecski
    Customer Relationship Officer

  • Great seminar, very informative and useful as account manager and for developing own trading skills.

    Hana Dobrecka
    Sales Account Manager

  • The course gives broad overview of different technical analysis tools. It's great for people who have at least basic knowledge about financial markets & instruments. Many of the methods covered during the course prove themselves to be efficient. The lectures are not boring and the presenter is engaging everyone in the discussions. All in all be prepared to read and study a lot.

  • An exceptional course that provided all the details and information that resulted to understand clearly all the aspects of Technical Analysis.

    Constantinos Ghalanos
    Customer Support Operator

  • Andreas has the way to transmit information in the most fun way possible. He breaks down everything and makes all the hard things to understand seem easy. It's a great seminar for whoever is interested in expanding his/her knowledge and it's great that no previous experience is needed to be able to follow!

    Thank you, Andrea!
    Eva Antoniou

  • I really enjoyed this seminar! It was informational and interactive. Mr. Andreas is a great teacher and kept our attention. His overall approach on this subject made me want to learn more. He definitely connected the dots on this, not so easy, topic.


  • Very Informative, hands on exercises very helpful to confirm understanding.

    Sharon Bond

  • Even I have been trading 5 years and read many books about it, I could still learn interesting and useful details and new approaches which I hope I will memorize soon


  • It was a very nice experience for me. I learned how to identify support & resistance levels and how to use correctly the tools on MT4 trading platform(Oscillators, Moving Averages, etc.). I am waiting for the next course. Thanks to Mr. Andreas for sharing all of his knowledge.

  • It was one of the best experiences. The course changed the whole idea towards trading.
    I wish to do the second course.

    Thank you, Mr. Andreas
    Mohit Rewri

  • The seminar was very valuable for me because I have learned a lot of things about the field of technical analysis. Andreas, the instructor was very helpful in a professional way, he was always prepared with interesting material about the course. The demonstration and the cooperation between the students helped me to understand the principles and the use of technical analysis in the markets including some extra tips from Andreas in order to feel confident and start trading.

  • In general I have learned many useful aspects and have gained a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge that I will apply in my job. The teacher is excellent: good at explaining things, clear at his explanations, positive, funny. It was a pleasure to attend the classes.

    Marina Kuznecova
    Senior Financial Associate

  • Interesting seminar, educational with updated material daily.
    Must be attended by everyone in our industry.

    Andros Yiasemi
    FxPro Financial Services Ltd

  • The tutorial is great! The instructor is very interesting, informative and very knowledgeable. He uses structured ways to deliver his knowledge in a very practical and easy to remember way.

    Ma Quihong
    Regional Executive

  • It was a great experience to finally get a professional expertise on Technical Analysis approach.
    Programs of lessons are tailored-made for all levels of experience: beginners and advanced.
    Simple and straight forward, well explained, perfectly presented and gave chance to everybody "get into" subject. Thank you, Andreas. I will definitely recommend to my partners and colleagues to attend the Advanced Level.

    Luba Andreou
    Institutional Sales Manager

  • Very interesting and informative course, suitable for both beginners and more experienced traders. Perfect for preparing you for the Certified Technical Analyst exams, as well as gaining insight on how markets work.

    Michalis Neophytou
    Chief Dealer