• The seminar covered in depth many aspects of Technical Analysis. The information and examples provided were very useful. The teaching and overall performance of Andreas was excellent. He delivered the material in a meaningful and informative way. On completing the course it has definitely offered a first class insight into Technical Analysis and the desire to learn more.

    Andrew Floris
    Sales Manager

  • Very informative, great info, good instruction and very well explained. Now look at the market in a very different way.

    Elan Joseph
    HF Markets

  • With Andreas Thalassinos we have learned the true meaning of Technical Analysis. Now we know how to analyse any financial chart without having any financial background just by using Technical Analysis techniques. I can't wait for the second part of this course. Many thanks to Mr Andreas Thalassinos.

    Ilhan Erdogan
    Business Developent Executive

  • Very enjoyable and informative. Have learned tools that will assist with my role within Hotforex.
    Converted from fundamentalist to technical analyst!

    Lloyd Brooks
    Brokerage Department

  • When entering the world of FOREX, I got carried away by the overload of information. I lacked a structure for trading and had no plan for success. Andreas Thalassinos managed to successfully teach me a system that is almost too good to be true. The price for the seminar is a present compared to the value of the knowledge presented. After the course I am prepared for success.

    Nico Strobl
    Sirius Effects

  • Έχω παρακολουθήσει ένα πολύ διαφωτιστικό σεμινάριο που δεν σου δίνει ποτέ την εντύπωση ότι είναι ανιαρό, αντίθετα είναι όλο ACTION. Όλα αυτά είναι επακόλουθα της πολύ καλής διδασκαλίας του κ. Ανδρέα Θαλασσινού. Είσαι τρομερός.

    Ανδρέας Ανδρέου
    Computer Expert

  • Having been in the forex industry for a number of years and following fundamental analysis, Andreas through his exciting and hands-on teaching technique has given me a different outlook on the financial markets, which has massively improved my working results.

    John Watson
    Retention Team Leader