The material and teaching approach were very clear, well organized and very helpful in understanding even to the most dull students in the class. The lectures were very engaging thereby allowing the students or participants the opportunity for a participatory teaching in order to test the level of our understanding which is a very powerful technique in teaching and learning.  Professor Andreas is always clear and concise in his training or teaching approach,  which makes learning a pleasure and enables us to stay with him.  One of the impressive and unique attributes I spotted in Professor Andreas during the training course is that he is extremely approachable and has a perfect ability to manage human diversity irrespective of human or students excesses. This act of his made us relax and connected which improved our ability to comprehend.  Professor Andreas who facilitated the training has the best mode of handling students I ever experienced which made it enjoyable and very interesting.  In a nutshell,  professor is indeed a very fantastic lecturer and to me, in fact, it is an understatement to even call him an FXWIZARD.