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Develop your trading expertise through a wide range of titles to suit your knowledge level, pace, schedule, and trading goals. Instructor-led courses by industry experts in small groups or private.

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  • Draws tops and bottoms
  • Identifies trends
  • Spots buy and sell entries
  • Offers four take profit targets
  • Determines a protective stop loss
  • Applies to any currency pai
  • Suited for any financial instrument
  • Compatible with any timeframe
  • Customizable profit targets
  • Compatible with MT4





Avoid wasting time looking for the perfect indicator. Learn to follow the price.



Master a trading system in every detail and have all your questions asked.

risk management

Risk Management

It is imperative to learn and incorporate risk management rules in your trading.



Learn to control your emotions and be a confident trader. Success comes after discipline.



Our Chief Wizard, has developed a wide range of tools to help you analyze the markets and trade with confidence.

Pivot Points Wizard

  • Identifies market direction
  • Calculates key support and resistance levels
  • Spots potential turning points
  • Determines potential buy/sell entries
  • Pinpoints protective exits
  • Applies to any instrument and timeframe
  • Promotes confidence
  • Compatible with MT4
  • Easy to use

VIP Trading Signals


  • European and American Session
  • 18 financial instruments
  • Buy/Sell entries
  • Protective Stop Loss
  • 4 Profit Targets
  • Filtered by popular oscillators
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