50 Successful Traders' Habits

  1. Invest in yourself before you invest in the markets.
  2. Learn the rules of the game.
  3. Practice, practice, practice on demo accounts.
  4. Start small on a real account.
  5. Do not expect to become a millionaire with $100 deposit.

In one of my seminars,  I had 400 participants eager to learn the tricks of the trade in a scheduled duration of 4 hours.

It is true that I have a charisma to keep my students alert and interested throughout their seminar.  Yes, their seminar.  I don’t really deliver seminars in the conventional way.  In fact, I guide the participants to interact, express their opinion ask questions and clarify any misconceptions and gray areas they may have.

The other day I had a telephone call from a dear student of mine.
He has been trading the foreign exchange market and earlier in his career the stock market for about 18 years.

Throughout my career as an educator in the field of Technical Analysis and foreign exchange I met thousands of traders all over the world.

Based on a True Story

During one of my seminars, a group of twenty traders insisted during the lunch break to have lunch with them, at the same table. Usually students want to get more knowledge, discuss their trading system and get that magical indicator that will make their dreams come true!