VIP Trading Signals

Identify the most probable setups like a professional!

VIP Trading Signals

Identify the most probable setups like a professional!

Professional Signals with Stop Loss and Potential Profit Targets



Analyze the price charts like a professional trader. Identify the prevailing trend on the price chart, spot probable opportunities, time the entry and pull the "trigger".

Take advantage of technical tools to filter entries into the market. Incorporate risk management rules to protect your capital and minimize the risk. Estimate possible profit targets to lock potential profits. Knowledge is power. Confidence is a must. Discipline is imperative for success.

Discipline. Confidence. Success.


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Entry setups at
a glance

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Risk Management

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4-Take Profit

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Filtering by Popular

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Daily European and
American session

Professional and Unique Signals


  • Tracks the price action
  • Unique parameters
  • Identifies buy and sell entries
  • Promotes confidence
  • Estimates profit targets
  • Suited for all skill levels
  • Determines a protective stop loss
  • Primary and alternative scenario
  • European and American session analysis
  • Innovative interface
  • Applies technical tools to filter setups
  • Easy to use
VIP signals

Developed by

Andreas Thalassinos


VIP Trading Signals were developed by renowned educator and certified technical analyst Andreas Thalassinos. Leverage the skill and experience of a real professional to optimize your current returns while building your own skills and knowledge for the future.



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