The result is always great.  I am not saying that, my students say that.  Excuse me if I sound arrogant, I am actually very humble and approachable.

So, in one of my seminars, that as always exceeded the scheduled period by 3 hours, my students had a discussion about, what else, trading.  Trading tools,  that is.  The discussion gyrated around indicators, oscillators, custom, sophisticated, colorful, etc.

I am sure you get the picture.  Unavoidably, the focus was shifted to me.  All participants expected that I give the verdict.  I have to admit that they all defended their favorite trading tool like professional advocates.  Of course some of them were about to be disappointed or perhaps all of them.  But this is the beauty of my seminars. I deliver the truth.

So, when everybody was silent and I had the audience attention I said: “All stupid indicators are secondary”.

Now everybody was really silent.  They were trying to digest what I said.  That’s good.  After all, that’s why I travel all over the globe delivering seminars.  The goal is always to help traders protect their capital and if and only if the market is trending then profit will roll in.

Yes, if and only if the market is trending, then traders have a chance to be profitable.                            

I am sure that some may argue that they were profitable in ranging markets.  Yea right. Do it again and again consistently. I don’t think so.

Back to our topic. Trading tools including astrology and fundamentals.  People go so far to study trading forex using astrology!  Let me make it clear.  When there is a strong trend in the market then every idiot may be profitable.  That includes fundamentals as well.  Please, dear fundamentalists don’t get offended.

The truth is, that most traders ignore the most important indicator in trading forex or any other financial market.

Price! Yes, price is the most important indicator.  Anything else is secondary.