As a beginner, you may be wondering what you can trade and how to invest your capital.
Well, there is a wide range of different products, assets, or financial instruments, as they are called in the market’s lingo, to trade.

  • You may choose to buy the eurodollar as you sense that the corresponding exchange rate will appreciate or
  • Own a part of a blue-chip company through the stock market or even
  • Buy precious metals such as Gold and Silver as you expect their price to rise.
  • Crude Oil is another choice among many others.
  • Did I mention crypto-currencies? This is another popular category and favorite to many traders. This is the new money, remember?

So, as you see, there are many different products to invest in.

If you are not ready to trade, then continue your education journey here until you feel confident enough to place your first trade.
Nevertheless, you may follow the trades of experienced and knowledgeable traders, called leaders, at any time.

See you in a while.