The most traded currency pairs in the foreign exchange market are known as the Majors. They account for most of the daily turnover in the market.

They combine the US Dollar and a currency of a major economy country. These are:

The Euro to the US Dollar -- EURUSD
The British Pound to the US Dollar -- GBPUSD
The Australian Dollar to the US Dollar -- AUDUSD
The New Zealand Dollar to the US Dollar -- NZDUSD
The US Dollar to the Swiss Franc -- USDCHF
The US Dollar to the Canadian Dollar -- USDCAD and
The US Dollar to the Japanese Yen -- USDJPY

The Majors are very liquid, meaning that one can buy and sell large amounts of these pairs any time without really affecting or even manipulating their exchange rate. Also, they are very popular and, therefore, the cost of trading these pairs is relatively low, hence tighter spreads. Moreover, volatility and wild swings in price are not one of their characteristics/features.

EURUSD is the most popular currency pair of all, as it combines the currencies of two of the world’s strongest economies.