Since you have found your way here, I am sure you have been wondering by now how one can trade the financial markets.

Well, the answer is straightforward.
Buy low and sell high!
As simple as that.

But now a couple of new questions may arise:

  • What shall I buy?
  • What is the best price to buy?
  • When should I sell it back to book my profits?
  • What if after I buy, the market goes against me? What should I do?

So, mainly there are 2 major “schools” of trading:

  1. The Fundamental Analysis approach and
  2. The Technical Analysis approach
  3. It goes without saying that a third method may be in place, combining the Fundamental and the Technical.

I must admit here that both methods try to identify the direction of the market.
At the same time, though, each method boasts several advantages and suffers from some disadvantages or criticism if you prefer.
Which method I prefer?

Well, follow me to find out!