For starters, there are two phases when it comes to entering the market either with a buy or sell order.
The first step is the analysis and the second placing the order.
Of course, before pulling the trigger one has to analyze the price chart and the underlying financial instrument by their favourite approach, fundamentals or technical.

Then, enter the market with the corresponding order.
The timing of the order is crucial as most traders prefer lower timeframes nowadays and intraday trading.
Needless to mention that the leveraged instruments boast on one hand for bigger profits, but at the same time, they run the risk for bigger losses.
So, timing is very important as a small price movement in the opposite direction may result in losses.
On the other hand, the analysis phase may be correct, the forecasted direction right but eventually lose money due to timing.
Just because the entry was delayed.

Technical Analysis is the only approach I know that can provide the timing factor when it comes to enter or exit the market.
Remember, that all analysis methods have a common goal, to identify the direction of the market but timing belongs to Technical Analysis.
For example, the timing in a Head and Shoulders chart pattern when price breaks below the neckline will determine a specific sell order into the market.