The Chart Area is the biggest window on the Client Terminal.
It displays the price chart for a specific financial instrument.
The MT4 Client Terminal can accommodate 99 opened charts.
Price charts are necessary for traders to perform technical analysis by identifying specific price patterns or applying technical indicators, oscillators, or other technical tools.

The price chart is plotted on two axes. The time axis and the price axis.
The Chart Area is a graphical representation of price using Candlesticks or Bar Charts, or Line Charts.

There are different ways to open a chart window. Namely:

  • File Menu
  • Standard Tool Bar
  • Market Watch

By selecting the File Menu and then New Chart, traders may choose their preferred financial instrument easily.

Consequently, the new chart will be displayed.
Another way to open a chart is through the Standard Toolbar.

A dropdown menu appears by pressing the “Create a new chart” icon on the Standard Toolbar so traders may select the preferred financial instrument to be displayed in the Chart Area.

An alternative way to open a new chart is through the Market Watch window.
Right-click on the preferred symbol and select “Chart Window” from the pop-up menu.

The last way of opening a chart window is by selecting a symbol in the Market Watch and then dragging it into the Chart Area. In fact, the new symbol will replace the previously displayed financial instrument in the Chart.