One of the best feelings a beginner can experience in trading is that of achieving a couple of winning trades, especially in a row, right?

After this happens, you probably think about the adrenaline, like, “Oh my God, is it too soon to book that trip to the Bahamas?!”
I don’t blame you; I would probably think the same thing!

Well, if you like this idea, keep watching! This Aesop’s tale will give you a very valuable lesson in trading!

Now, the crow here represents a trader, probably a beginner, who enjoys the benefits of a few successful trades. The fox, however, represents the trader’s ego and the market's challenges.

This story is trying to teach us that traders should not allow themselves to feel flattered by the markets after achieving a successful trade or two.

In trading, knowledge is power, discipline is imperative, and humility is necessary.

So, no matter how many successful trades you achieve, stand your ground, keep your focus, and be humble while trading the financial markets!