We keep talking about beginners and experienced traders. But what do we mean by this exactly?

Believe it or not, an experienced trader is not just someone who has been trading for a long time and knows how the market works.
It goes way beyond that!

The next story aims to provide all traders, both beginners and pros, a very useful insight that might actually “save” them time and, hopefully, money.

The “recipe” of an experienced trader usually consists of 4 main ingredients: attitude, a trading plan, a trading style, and risk management.

You see, although a trader needs some time to “perfect” these key factors, no one will tell you the exact time needed because this solely depends on the time you are willing to invest in yourself and your trading.

So, what the story aims to teach traders is that no matter how great you think you are, you should always stay humble and, most importantly, focused.

And always remember: Don’t let your ego take over your trading.